Captain Cayle Wills was born in Warren, Pennsylvania. He cut his teeth in the trout streams around this tiny town. He spent most of his time growing up in, on, under and around the Kinzua Reservoir diving, fishing and hunting. He also fished Lake Erie for walleye, smallmouth bass, and trout. Several times a year his family also travelled to Lake Ontario to troll for salmon.

Directly out of High School, Captain Cayle joined the Marine Corps. He spent almost 8 years travelling the world and was able to fish all over the globe. His last 3 years he was stationed at Camp Pendleton in California and there is where his love of saltwater fishing really took hold. Cayle got out as much as possible to fish for mahi mahi, yellowtail, halibut, calico bass and various species of shark. It was here that he found his all time favorite fish to catch, the Mako shark.

After an honorable discharge Capt. Cayle arrived in Florida and found his fishing world turned upside down. We'll let him describe the experience.

"The fishing down here in southwest Florida is like nothing else. I found that I had to simultaneously forget everything I knew about fishing and also merge it together. I was used to hard fighting saltwater fish, what I wasn't used to was doing it in a foot of water. It was like fishing the trout streams and catching deep water fish. You can sight fish trout in a stream because the stream is only 2 feet wide, but here I was sight fishing 6 foot, 200 pound tarpon! Incredible! I was hooked with southwest Florida fishing from the first cast, even if it was in the trees.

I fell in love with sharks and shark fishing in California. The raw power and tenacity of these apex predators was simply impressive. The fishing down here simply floored me. Such a wide variety of species and size of shark. Shark fishing is my passion and that in turn kept me here in Port Charlotte.

I was used to patterning walleye because of all the time I spent walleye fishing up north. That came in handy when it came to learning the fish of Charlotte Harbor. Most fish are tide dependant due to the environment. That patterning ability made it easy for me to learn the snook, redfish, snapper and trout that call Charlotte Harbor home. Hanging out at Fishin' Frank's didn't hurt either..."

Captain Cayle has been in Port Charlotte for 12 years. He applies his knowledge to help customers who come into Fishin' Frank's and to put his customers on fish. He pilots 2 24 foot Carolina Skiffs owned and maintained by Fishin' Frank Hommema. One skiff is rigged for backwater fishing and the other is rigged for kayak charters.

Captain Cayle also writes for Waterline magazine, a local fishing publication, and also is a mainstay of Fishin' Frank's Blog. He has written for Coastal Angler and also speaks monthly at Fishin' Frank's fishing seminars.



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