At Bad Fish Charters we offer a full service, guided fishing excursion into Charlotte Harbor and the surrounding tributaries. You can simply step on our boat with almost nothing (please see our FAQ page for items you may want to bring) and catch fish. Everything is provided for you. No messing with your tackle, no fussing with your own bait, you don't even need a fishing license. Just bring a fun attitude and be ready to catch fish.

Guided fishing charters isn't the only thing we offer. We also offer 3 types of heavily discounted programs when using your vessel. They are the following:

  1. Harbor Tours      These are aimed at people new to the area or new to boating. Charlotte Harbor isn't like your lake back home and our tides aren't like normal tides. On this tour, Captain Cayle Wills will join you on your vessel and guide you around the Harbor and show you points of interest, important areas, danger areas, and the channel markers from Boca Grande Pass to the Peace River. He can also help you with your boats electronics and also give recommendations on how to set up your vessel for fishing this area. You will be responsible for your fuel and you will pilot your vessel. The cost for Harbor Tours are $150.00 for a half day trip and $300.00 for a full day trip.

  2. Give A Man A Fish      Capt. Cayle will join you on your vessel and guide you on a fishing excursion. You will  be responsible for all bait, tackle and fuel. The cost for Give A Man A Fish tours are $150.00 for a half day trip and $300.00 for a full day trip.

  3. Teach A Man To Fish     This is also aimed at those new to the area or those new to fishing or just those that are frustrated at not catching fish. Capt. Cayle will join you on your vessel and teach you the basics of successful fishing in Charlotte Harbor. The goal of this trip isn't to catch fish but to instill in you the knowledge you need to be a productive fisherman in our waters. Capt. Cayle will take you to areas that are best suited to getting his point across, not necessarily catching fish. That doesn't mean we won't catch fish, it's just means that each one we do is a bonus. Again, you are responsible for your fuel, bait and tackle. The cost is $150.00 for a half day trip and $300.00 for a full day trip.


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